What is the best plan to start working out at the gym again? To lose fat and not bulk up?

When you’ve finally reached that tipping point with your health, (you know the one, where you become super aware of your gut multiple times a day or struggle to breathe after going up a flight of stairs) where do you even begin to make a healthy change?

Should you focus on fat loss? What’s the best plan, routine, or regimen to go about it?

When you’re at that point that everything feels like a struggle and even the idea of starting is scary, the best way to start is slowly. Don’t jump into a group class or buy a membership at a gym with the “Look like Chris Hemsworth from Thor” or “Booty like J.Lo” workout plan in hand. More often than not the cycle looks like this when you do:

Step 1: Get awesome plan off the internet that is way above where you’re currently at with your fitness (also it’s not actually the workout that star has ever used or even seen. It’s some random person writing it and naming it after them).

Step 2: Get a cheap gym membership for $20-$50 that’s full of equipment, no real accountability, and you often feel completely out of place.

Step 3: Show up for the first workout. You crush it! You did every exercise and rep!

Step 4: You’re so sore you can barely move or walk for 6 days, so of course you don’t workout.

Step 5: Life events comes up that puts off you returning to the gym for another week.

Step 6: Give the workout plan one more shot, get frustrated, give up altogether and feel you’re just doomed to be overweight, unconfident, and weak.

Not sure about you, but that sounds super disappointing. The best plan is for you to find an expert (who has both real life experience coaching people and certifications to back their knowledge base). Sit down with them and discuss your goals. Explain your problem to them. Focus on what you’re wanting to accomplish and where you’ve struggled in the past. Even tell them about programs you were successful with in the past!

Then, let them do what they’re best at! If they’re worth their salt they will prescribe you a plan based upon where you’re at. They will focus on 1-on-1 training sessions so you can learn safely and progressively. They will recommend a combination of resistance training and cardio training, not one over the other.

They will be almost pushy about you changing your nutrition because if you want to change that’s the biggest factor. They will also do more listening than talking, because the reality is, this is your journey and they’re you’re guide.

It’s truly that simple. You don’t need to do the work to find the perfect plan. I mean, how can you be expected to find time to dig through all of the conflicting BS out there to build your perfect workout and have the dialed in diet when you’ve got a full time job, family, school, or all the above?

If you’re wanting a coach who will truly listen, help you by sifting through all the best research, and give you proven workouts and eating strategies that will help get you the results you want (without having to be an exercise scientist), then use the link below and let’s chat!


To Your Success,

Christoph Kettermann

Hidden Gem CrossFit