Can you do CrossFit if you’re overweight?

I often get asked “can I do CrossFit even if I’m overweight?” The answer is simple: Absolutely! Not only can you, but you most definitely should if you want to get rid of the extra weight quickly!

CrossFit is designed to meet you where you’re at with your fitness, then provide you a path to the life and body you want. CrossFit is a combination of both weights and body weight exercises that can be tailored to your ability or limitations. Each workout is something different so you are always challenging yourself, having fun, and keeping your body in a state of fat burning.

CrossFit attacks fat loss from so many different angles your body never gets complacent and must constantly give up the extra body fat to meet the demands you’re putting on it. The cool thing is even with the high demand that your workouts put on your body, it is always set at your proven ability and capacity to keep you safe.

So, how do you get started? Well the best way is to find someone who understands where you’re at and how to best start your journey. A professional coach is always best, but if you’re not ready for outside help, you can always google some home body weight workouts to start. Just focus on making your form the best you can and not worry about intensity.

If you’re ready to branch out and really lose weight with CrossFit, find a coach you trust and feel can understand your unique situation. Sometimes the most technical coaches aren’t the ones to help in your weight loss journey. In the beginning, you need guide who has been in your shoes, can relate to the Mount Everest you have in front of you, and knows how to get you to the top.

A free workout won’t tell you if CrossFit will be right for you, just as swinging a hammer once won’t show you the beautiful house you can build with it. Since your journey isn’t about just movements, it’s about connection and understanding you need to have a chance to connect with that guide on an equal level before you do any movements.

Call a local CrossFit gym and ask them if they have a free No Sweat Intro. This is a chance to sit down with a coach, discuss your goals, and determine if they’re the best fit to help you achieve them.

If calling a bunch of gyms feels intimidating, just use our link to schedule your No Sweat Intro with us at Hidden Gem CrossFit. You choose the date and time that works best for you without the million phone calls.

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