Crossfit Gym Boise, Idaho

  • What is CrossFit?

    ​We do workouts with weightlifting and body-weight exercises that can be modified so anyone can do them. Each day the workout is something new. It’s challenging but no one is alone and we have a ton of fun doing it.

  • Why Should I do CrossFit?

    Lots of reasons!
    First, CrossFit is a challenging and fun way to lose weight and gain muscle. It’s far from boring and it beats sitting on a treadmill for an hour.
    CrossFit is the best way to not feel alone. You to get feel safe instead of afraid. It brings people of all different walks-of-life together under one common activity in a supportive and encouraging environment. There’s other people in your same shoes making the same journey alongside you.
    CrossFit is a phenomenal way to see how fit you can become. Since it is a constantly changing workout, you have to work hard to become good at a lot of different things. The sky is the limit.

  • Why Should I Start Now?

    Every moment we make decisions.

    Decisions that lead us to the lives we want to live or the lives we regret.

    Each moment is a chance to change from a life of regret to a life of happiness.

    Do you want to continue the boring routines that have led you to where you are today or begin your journey to the life you’ve always wanted?

    Your happiest life is within your grasp. All you have to do is take the first step and we will be there to guide you along your path.