Eat, Lose Fat, Enjoy Food

What if you could eat to lose fat AND enjoy the food you’re eating?

We’ve talked about how to properly balance the foods you’re eating, but it doesn’t seem to really fit with the lives we live all the time. What do you do if you go to a family event and they have a casserole or a crock pot meal? What do you do when you’re staying with friends who are providing food for you?

The best place to start is to recap how to achieve balance with your food so you eat for your goals. Using your hand you have a measurement tool wherever you go.

Start by filling your plate with dark, leaf green vegetables then use your hand to measure the rest. A hand sized portion keeps portion sizes to what your body needs based upon your size. A palm sized portion of a protein source such as chicken, tofu, beef, eggs, etc. meets your needs so you build lean muscle without adding to fat. To keep starches to a minimum, use a cupped fist for measuring it out. Fats are just a thumbs worth. If you’re a male do two palms of protein, two cupped hands of starches or fruits, and two thumbs of fat such as nuts and seeds. As a female do 1 of each of those.

Now that we have the blueprint to in towards our fat loss goals, how do we apply it when ingredients are mixed or our options are limited? The answer to both is we can’t control the ingredient portions so all we can do is control the overall portions. A full hand (hand plus fingers) sized portion for either option will help ensure you avoid overeating yet still get to enjoy the yummy food in a social situation.

No matter if its pizza and wings with your friends or mom’s special 6 cheese casserole, you can continue towards the identity you deserve and desire for your future.

Remember, we said it’s about balance, not all or nothing. As long as a majority of your votes are towards your desired identity you will embody it. Once you become known as someone who doesn’t overeat, not only will you believe it more but others will come to associate you with not over eating.


To Your Success,

Christoph Kettermann

Hidden Gem CrossFit