Crossfit Gym Boise, Idaho

  • What do I wear?

    Clothing that you feel comfortable in. You will be getting sweaty, getting up and down from the floor often, and going outside frequently. While there are plenty of CrossFit specific clothes and brands, honestly shorts and a T-shirt is more than appropriate.

  • What if I’ve done CrossFit before?

    That’s GREAT to hear!

    In order to ensure everyone is moving safely and you have the highest quality experience you can have at our gym, we would require you take our Beginner program to ensure .

  • What if I have an injury?

    That’s a bummer. However it won’t stop you. Our workouts are able to adjustable to any ability level or injury type. We have successfully coached nearly any injury imaginable.

  • I’ve heard CrossFit is dangerous. Is it?

    Sure, it can be, but so can driving a car if done incorrectly.

    That is why we put such a HUGE emphasis on our Beginner’s Program and ensuring safety wins over ego 100% of the time.

    Injuries can put a pause on your goals and that is the last thing we want to happen.

  • My significant other is interested as well, is it okay if they come too?

    Of course it is! One of the most important factors in making a life change and achieving goals you’ve struggled with for a long time is a strong support system.

    A support system you see daily and cares about your success is essential.

    A support system that’s going on the journey with you? PERFECT!

  • What will my first session in the gym be like?

    After your Free Intro you will start our Beginner’s Program.

    The first day we will go over some important body positions, warm-up and do a workout, introduce you to some really good stretches, and answer any and all questions you may have.

  • What does a typical CrossFit group class look like?

    We start by doing some activities to warm up our bodies and find out if any movements may pose a problem later on to avoid injury.

    Then we teach you how to move safely and correctly.

    The main focus of the class is the Workout Of the Day (WOD). This is where we get you your goals accomplished.

    At the end of the class we do some stretching and mobility to keep you healthy.

  • From what I’ve seen it seems like CrossFit is for elite athletes or fitness junkies. It just looks too hard. Is it right for me?

    If it’s right for my 78 year old grandmother with diabetes it’s not just for elite athletes or fitness junkies. CrossFit is a tool. One that can be adjusted (scaled) for any ability level while still giving amazing results.

  • I do P90X, HIIT classes, or other group classes at my local gym. Isn’t that pretty much the same thing?

    Not really, no. It’s a great starting point if you aren’t comfortable jumping into CrossFit. The body weight focus of those programs help people feel less worried about injuring themselves and are able to commit to some kind of exercise program as a result. WE THINK THAT’S AMAZING!! However, once you start with us you will see we take that concept of safe, functional movement and apply it through every session and every class you participate in. You can begin your journey right here with just as much confidence as those other programs.

  • What is your Drop-In policy?

    We are all about community. Far and wide. We welcome drop-ins from all over and only require they complete the same test out process as any athlete new to our gym. If they successfully complete it they will roll into the class time of their choice. If they are unable to, we will contact one of the other CrossFit gyms in town and do our best to help them get in the same class time as they came to us for. The test out process lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. We request you arrive at least that before the class you wish to attend. Advanced heads up of your drop-in is always appreciated as it ensures we can have a coach ready to assist you versus you waiting on us.