Finding the BEST Fat Loss Diet

How many times have you started a new diet to lose fat? (Maybe 20 lbs or 30 lbs?) How many times did it actually work? (2 or 3?) How long did you keep the results once you stopped? (Let’s be generous and say 3 months).

The reason you haven’t gotten the results you want is in how you’re going about getting them. You’re changing your diet for a specific goal. To accomplish X I’m going to do Y. It implies a start and stop point. Once I lose 20lbs I can stop starving myself and enjoy the cookies again.

Let me explain. Picture a person who is fat and sick. Now think of what they do. Are they physically active? Do they spend 10 hours a day playing video games and watching TV? Do they consume alcohol frequently? Do they binge eat and consume sugary foods several times a week? Do they spend time making fresh vegetables into tasty dishes? What do they do?

Without knowing this person, without knowing anything about them other than they are fat and sick, you can immediately know what they frequently do and what they frequently avoid doing. Why is that?


Our identity is the internal image of who we are, and our repetitive actions are an outward reflection of that image. We know that if we identified as a fit and healthy person, we wouldn’t spend most of our day on our butt eating cookies. We know the actions of a fit person don’t align with the identity of a fat person, so if we see a fat and sick person our minds automatically align the identity with the actions that create and sustain that identity.

Take this concept now and apply it to yourself when you decide to lose weight. You take the actions you feel will lead to the outcome you’re wanting, without actually changing your identity. You must be thinking “Wait, what? Christoph, I’m doing the actions that align with the identity of someone who is leaner! I’m eating Keto, devouring broccoli, working out 6 hours a day…”
Here’s the TRUTH: The actions you’re doing are temporary. You KNOW they’re temporary. You PLANNED them to be temporary. You didn’t start them because you wanted to eat broccoli and chicken and workout daily. You did them to lose 20 lbs.

They’re not your repetitive actions (habits). Your repetitive habit is to take temporary action for a specific outcome then return to your normal behaviors when you either accomplish the outcome or feel you can’t achieve it.

What needs to change isn’t entirely your actions (those do need to change though), but primarily your identity. You need an identity that supports the outcomes you wish for your life. Once you have that, your diet will follow suit like a lemming off a cliff.

In the next few blog posts I’m going to dive into helping you find and define that identity. It’s a challenging process to do on your own, but I’ll do my best to provide you the tools to do so. If by the end you feel it’s just not what you expected we can get you in touch with one of our coaches to assist you on your journey.

Helping people is what our entire world is about at Hidden Gem. So much so we have created a program called Ripple: Lifestyle by Design, specifically to address the huge themes that hold people back from dramatically improving their lives. Believe it or not, exercise and nutrition are only small aspects to why you feel unconfident, unhappy, and unhealthy.

To Your Success,
Christoph Kettermann
Hidden Gem CrossFit