How do I Stay Fit After an Injury?

Have you ever started a fitness program and were able to stick to it? Were you getting great results in your health and fitness? What happened though when you got an injury? Might have come from the gym, but maybe it didn’t.
Maybe you hurt your back playing with your kids or injured your knee playing some basketball with your friends.

Everything comes to a screeching halt, right? Honestly, no. It doesn’t have to. When I first was opening Hidden Gem CrossFit I was cutting rubber mats. The blade slipped, popped free from the rubber and instead of going in a straight line it came out to the side (where I thought I’d be out of the way) and directly into my knee. The entire 1.5” blade went into my knee and right back out. After going to Urgent Care and getting 4 stitches, the doctor told me I couldn’t exercise for 2 weeks. I was devastated, because I exercise regularly, and our grand opening was in 10 days.

Thanks to my wife, I remember that regardless of the injury we can continue exercising as long as we modify the movements to respect said injury. Fast forward and recently I was achieving some life time personal records in my heavy lifts. Things I was super proud to do and share on Facebook, but led to an overuse injury in my left arm.

No problem I said, been here before and modified my workouts around not using that part of my body. Then, unexpectedly I severely injured my foot (no cool story, was just stepping back during a lunge and has been insanely painful to use, including just standing). Now, I’m stuck with a left arm I can’t use and a left foot I can’t use due to extreme pain. Now, I HAVE to stop exercising, right?

Maybe. Maybe I could just throw in the towel and say the fates have deemed it so. Maybe I can modify around the left side of my body. Or maybe I take this time to focus on my nutrition and flexibility. Two things I’ve been less than stellar about in the past 3 months.

As you can see, an injury doesn’t mean the end of progress towards your goals. It means part of the trail you were following was washed out by some rain, a rock got in your way, or the bridge you planned on crossing was just not the safest to cross at this time.

The obstacle in your path doesn’t mean your journey stops. The obstacle allows you a new and creative way to continue your journey. Possibly in ways you’d have NEVER thought of if you hadn’t run into the obstacle. Over the next few posts I’m going to discuss both my personal journey and how you can turn these seemingly impossible obstacles we all face into advantages towards your goals.

To Your Success,

Christoph Kettermann
Hidden Gem CrossFit