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Crossfit Gym Boise, Idaho

Allow us to be the happiest hour of your day.

Hidden Gem CrossFit started on 16 February 2019 and officially became a CrossFit Affiliate on 11 March 2019. Its founder, Christoph Kettermann, has been a personal trainer since 2004 and a CrossFit coach since 2007. Hidden Gem CrossFit started as an in-home personal training and garage gym service. Hidden Gem CrossFit’s first member was Susie Headlee, a prior client who waited 8 years to get the chance to work with him again.

At Hidden Gem CrossFit we accept you for you. We believe that the highest quality life is within your grasp. We are driven to build a trusting and connective relationship with you while we join you on your journey.

​Allow us to be the happiest hour of your day. Help us to really see each other as more than nameless shadows in the world. Build a tribe where you belong and matter.

Let our experts guide you to successfully accomplish your goals.

Hidden Gem CrossFit provides a safe, secure, and enjoyable place, to break free from your everyday stresses and just be yourself.

Our coaching focus is on the five aspects of life we can grab a hold of to have the future we want:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Mindset
  • Connective relationships

Through the CrossFit methodology, our coaches will help you nurture the five aspects of your life and achieve your unique goals.

Experience the Hidden Gem difference. We will be the right gym for you!

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My journey is one that began in 2004,  a year into my Air Force service. I was fat. Really FAT. It hit me one day when I was playing a computer game and drinking a soda with my shirt off. Suddenly, I needed both hands for my game. Without thinking I placed the soda on my stomach. My stomach and chest held the soda perfectly in place while I frantically moved my arms around to play the game. That was my moment; I looked like a pregnant woman at 19 years old. I started to freak out. The game no longer mattered, only the truth that was staring me in the face.

After that day I sought help and began what would become a decade and a half of education in fitness and nutrition. In 2007 I found CrossFit and have been an advocate of it ever since. I use to wear a T-shirt to the pool. I used to do fad diets and extreme exercise programs. I’ve dealt with more setbacks than I can count. In the end though, I have found my personal journey towards success and discovered what was under all of my insecurities.

​I currently hold my CrossFit Level 2 and am preparing for my Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3)  exam.

​Allow me to guide you along your journey and you won’t be disappointed.