Top 3 things keeping your FAT Identity

THREE things keeping your FAT Identity

Last time I spoke about finding the BEST diet for fat loss being tied to your identity as opposed to certain foods. Hinting that once you find that identity your actions can align with it and WHAM worldly fat loss success! It makes you wonder if it’s really that simple.

The answer is a resounding YES!

Simple, absolutely. Easy? FAR FROM!
Think about it, if changing your identity was a simple as changing from leathers to khakis then people would reinvent themselves and become millionaires overnight. They would lose 30lbs of pure fat and become fitness models and athletes on a whim. The idea is simple: change your identity, align your actions with that identity, then the outcomes (goals) will just happen because of cause and effect.

What makes it hard is three things: discovering the identity that you believe and aligns with the life you want; strengthening that identity so it sticks; accepting it is not an all or nothing situation.

The first challenge is discovering the right identity for you. If being a fit individual is one you can’t envision, don’t really believe, or feel is opposite of who you are, then it will never work. Maybe being fit isn’t for you, but is being healthy? Free of sickness, constant medications, your body aching all the time? See my point? Everyone assumes you have to be a certain way. You have to shoot for the stars. However not everyone is destined for being in the Olympics nor being a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
So how do you discover the identity that’s right for you: both achievable AND supports the life you want?

It’s a process of first describing what the desired identity is like. What do they look like? What do they normally do? What do they avoid? Just like the previous post described a fat and sick person and what actions they take; you now have to put your imagination cap on and figure out what this new person looks like and what they do. It will help you discover their values and what they will do to embody those values: exercise or drink; prepare meals at home or dine out daily; host social parties or stay at home with a good book.

After you can envision (and document that vision) your new identity, it’s best to see how realistic it is by looking at others you admire. What traits do they possess and embody? Which ones do you admire about them? What things do they avoid doing that you associate with them being worthy of your admiration?

Combining these two steps is what leads to a successful identity statement. A short description of who you will be in the future through the actions you take today. I find it’s best when you have help as all too often we over estimate ourselves, capabilities, and traits and often overlook key aspects of what we truly value.

In my next blog post I’ll dive deeper into the second thing holding you back from the identity you need to live the life you’ve always wanted: how do you strengthen this new identity so that you don’t revert to your old one?

If you feel this process is one where you want some help, but don’t necessarily want your friends or family in on, you can always reach out to us at Hidden Gem to apply for our Ripple Program. We only have a few slots right now, but it’s the best way to find your identity and set the stage for the life you want.

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To Your Success,
Christoph Kettermann
Hidden Gem CrossFit