Why Do Men Lose Fat Easier Than Women?

Have you ever decided to lose weight with a male friend, boyfriend, or husband? Notice how they drink more water and lose 3 lbs of fat while you count calories and workout 3 days a week just to gain the 3 lbs he lost? Super frustrating, right?

Ever wonder why it is men can lose weight so much quicker than females and in the places they seem to want to lose weight? It has everything to do with their physiology. Physio-what? It’s how their body functions and why it functions the way it does.

To understand the answer to this annoying question we have to go to survival land, where we don’t have food readily available and we have predators to worry about. In this world women need extra body fat to ensure they can live and provide life to their offspring in times of food scarcity. Men need more muscle to find prey and fight off predators. Each gender’s hormones are a recipe for how their bodies will perform and by extension how they will look.

Males have more testosterone, higher growth hormones, and have a limited need of body fat for proper functioning. Females have more estrogen, more progesterone, and lower testosterone naturally. For males this means greater muscle mass, faster healing from damage to those muscles, and a greater reduction in body fat when exercise is increased, or food becomes scarce. When food is scarce females’ bodies will do everything to ensure they can survive and provide life to a new child.

A great example of this is when a women’s cycle stops due to their bodyfat becoming too low. Thing of this as natures way of making sure a female won’t become pregnant if she can’t support the new child’s life.

As you can see our bodies have a priority for fat or muscle. Do this mean you can’t lose that fat as a female and you’re doomed? Not at all. We just must be very specific in what we do to lose that fat. Most women stick to cardio due to decades old advice that doing cardio is best for fat loss and women should avoid weights to avoid becoming big and bulky.

The REAL answer is to ignore that advice completely. You can’t become big and bulky without a lot of help due to your hormones and body’s ability to produce more than a certain level, regardless of what you do. The excessive cardio tells the body you’re having a huge demand for energy and the response for a female will be to hold onto fat even harder than before (see above reason for holding onto fat).

Resistance training combined with intense bursts of cardio is the single best way for women struggling to lose fat. It takes their physiology into account and plays it against itself. It’s the single fastest way for women to become tone, but also the single thing avoided by women most.

If you’re unsure where to start, you could hire a personal trainer to build a program for you based on what I described. You can join HIIT or CrossFit style classes that combine resistance training with cardio. Or you can google some workouts and do them at home or a playground. If you feel really unsure of where to start I’d be more than happy to sit down and chat with you about your goals, do a quick fitness assessment, then give you a prescription for the best option for you to accomplish your goals.

To Your Success,

Christoph Kettermann

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